The Measure of Success

What is the measure of SUCCESS?

In the competitive music arena, many students, instructors, and onlookers determine success by the trophies you win. There are many programs that are consistently successful by this account, however, with every team, there is change over each season- in members and staff, that lead to a constant “Start Over” for the group.

So, how is it that these groups reach these great heights year over year?

It all goes back to a solid foundation… the constant reinforcement of the work ethic and values within a program. With each new team there is a new dynamic and new challenges. Multiple hours of individual practice and ensemble rehearsal go into the handful of performances each season. So… do all those hours amount to nothing if we do not win the coveted 24 karat gold plastic trophy? Or, was that 6 minutes the only part that matters when we do win? I will go with neither.

The success of a program is not measured in trophies, it is measured in the values of each of its parts. True success is forged through a strong work ethic, leadership, chemistry and integrity. These are not built during the show, rather, through all the hours that lead up to those performances. This is not an individual activity. Your success is reliant on each individual member doing their part to be as strong and confident as the next. We must all buy into the same ideals and push ourselves beyond what we are used to. Be accountable to yourself and your team and hold each other accountable. Give of yourself for the benefit of the group. Sacrifice for the greater good. At the end of the day, it always comes down to your team culture:

  1. Create a culture of respect
  2. Form relationships with your team members
  3. Love each other

If these core values are attained, you have already won. SUCCESS is no longer a goal, but a reality.

This is Revelation.

It takes a lot to participate in the indoor activity. Not just money and equipment, but individual drive to give up your weekends for 6 months to be pushed by your peers and staff to reach and exceed goals. It is not one trait or attribute that makes this happen. Each of our members were asked to write words that describe their personal “Why” for participation in Revelation. Some words were par for the course….drums, music, competition. Others were enlightening such as… escape, career, and pain. And some of the most common words made my heart full… dedication, friendship, and commitment. I appreciate the wide range of thoughts that our members have about this program and that the most common have nothing do with talent or musicality, but rather bring a sense of camaraderie and home. The mission of Revelation is to provide a positive and educational environment to promote music and performance in our members. Talent can be taught; but our home is built with the walls of integrity, determination, family, and respect and supported by a foundation of encouragement and dedication to help each member reach their full potential. This is an organization that will endure. This is Revelation.